Conversions of ICEs

Information on conversions of private internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEs)

We are sad to inform you that due to several issues (time & workforce capacities; new highly elevated costs for vehicle homologation; high competition from second hand EV market), EVC does not anymore offer individual conversions of vehicles.

Nevertheless in case of a larger volume of vehicles/fleet, let us know about your project.  

Battery Recycling

Information on recycling of batteries and separate cells for end users

Battery cells and system batteries consist of many metals that can be recycled such as zinc, iron, manganese, nickel, cadmium or lead. Some of these elements are very dangerous both to man´s health and the environment, especially mercury, lead and cadmium. The most effective way to deal with these in an environmentally friendly manner is to recycle them.
The EVC GROUP cooperates on battery recycling with the local recycling company REMA BATTERY.

Visit their site to find the list of the recycling yards within the Czech Republic: www.remabattery.cz.