Fast Charging Infrastructure

Turn-key Development For Your Garage or Fleet Depot

Whether supplied together with vehicles, or separately for your estate, EVC GROUP secures a complete offer of charging equipment:

• Defining optimal number of chargers and their service
• Data acquisition of available power in your locality
• Charging station/network installation
• Servicing of installed chargers

A charging station can represent a simple, yet elegant Wallbox – a dedicated charging inlet for safe and approved by norms and standards night charging inside your house garage. Or we can provide you with a several hundreds of kilowatt powerful charger for a professional charging network of electric heavy duty vehicles (lorries, e-busses) with recharge within minutes.

Any power demand for charging can be secured by EVC made solutions which use world certified standards – COMBO II (DC), ChaDeMO (DC), or a simple industrial three phase socket.

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