From a single cell to a homologated battery system

EVC will provide your project with the necessary level of battery integration:

First Level – Cell Selection

The process of selection of the basic building unit of a battery, the cell – we are starting with the LFP chemistry for low-end li-ion solutions and go up to NMC and LTO chemistry for high power systems. We can offer highly adaptable cylindrical cell designs or highly robust prismatic high energy cells.

In order to rely on our own data of cell power and longevity, all cells in our portfolio are tested on our own cycling machines. Together with data coming from our existing vehicle around Europe, thanks to this insight we can offer different battery proposals with the best weight, price and power ratios.

Second Level – Modularisation

The mechanical assembling of separate cells into higher functional units, so called modules, by equipping them with EVC BMS (Battery Management System). The correct cell modularisation concept is crucial for both construction security and thermal management of each cell aspect. A well designed module provides for longer cell longevity.

The BMS by EVC belongs to our main know-how, stemming from our direct experience of managing tens of systems. It allows for quality battery management, which secures the battery not only during its service, but even during charging or longer deposit of the vehicle. This again adds to the overall battery long life.

Third Level – Module packing into containers

Installation of individual modules into the battery container. The container includes all other necessary peripheries securing the inner ambient control, conductors, switches and all cabling. Once fitted together, the container may work as an individual component of the vehicle / energy storage.

Fourth level - Homologation

We offer securing of a complete battery system homologation according to the current Czech/European legislation. This includes the latest series of tests such as the UN/ECE 100 rev.2.