The EVC GROUP s.r.o. is an on-demand electric drive engineering company, including the delivery its own charging infrastructure. The electric drives can be tailored as a turn-key solution including necessary homologation approvals, or delivered in separate parts, which includes e-motor(s), SEVCON controlling units and lithium batteries with BMS by EVC. Our drives are adaptable to any kind of a standard or special vehicle (cars, ships, airplanes, etc.). We also offer our R&D capacities for special non-EV conversion projects. Within the N1 vehicle category (light commercial trucks up to 3,5 tons) the EVC sells its own light trucks based on the chassis of standard European carmakers.

One of our main advantages is our project versatility, which translates in creating individual solutions for any application within short time frames. Among our staff you will find skilled engineers with pure enthusiasm to electronics and clean mobility. Based on our almost ten year project experience, the EVC electric drives and energy storages are assembled from our own made components or from high quality third party selected components.

In terms of battery engineering, the EVC battery modules and systems provide reliable high quality solutions, relying on deep insight into battery market (EVC cycles separate cells in its own laboratory) and thanks to its own continually developed battery management systems (BMS).


The original EVC product portfolio was based on the EV conversion of classic internal combustion engine (ICE) equipped cars, mostly from the local SKODA AUTO brand (models Fabia I, Fabia II, Roomster, Superb). Clients in search of small utility vehicles could choose among the vehicles of the ALKE company, while for city commuters there was an offer of EVT e-scooters.

Since 2011 the production of EV converted cars was continually abandoned in place of further research and development of turn-key battery systems deliveries for means of public transport (pure e-buses, battery-hybridised trolleybuses and battery-hybridised tramways). Today, the R&D of turn-key battery systems for means of public transport and light commercial trucks represents the majority of company turn-over.

Conversions of individual vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEs) were, due to several issues (very time demanding job, massive rise in pricing for new series of homologations, etc.), currently stopped



The aim of the EVC GROUP s.r.o. is to focus on tailor made turn-key production of electric drives and energy storages for mobile and stationary applications. We see energy storages as a key product of so called fourth industrial revolution, in which demand for a full automatic production will be accompanied by strict regulations on ecology and renewable sources of energy.